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Role: Magician. Project: "An Audience with a Magician" workshop (2021-Present).

Updated: Jan 12

Context: As an emerging Theatre Practitioner and Magician I have created an imaginative workshop, in collaboration with Greater Manchester Higher, called: “An Audience with a Magician”. Greater Manchester based students learn five key skills for public speaking and tricks for building confidence through an engaging and innovative format. I perform mind magic tricks and I teach learners how to perform a trick so they can put into practice what they have learnt. The majority of the feedback gathered is highly positive, with numerous comments highlighting the meaningful impact of the session. In addition, I have designed and delivered another version of the workshop with more of an emphasis on learning about magic.

Students have said:

"Engaging presenter, helpful information"

"He involved the audience so it was fun"

"I enjoyed seeing the magic tricks and learning how to prepare for a speech"

"I loved the tricks and how Sam expressed his words and how he used his life story"

"I enjoyed the magic tricks because they were entertaining. The most useful part of the session was the confidence techniques for me. I think it was flawless"

"Cleverly weaving magic with a life message"

"It boosted my confidence"

Other audience comments to do with my performance of mind magic:

"No way"

"Brilliant, I tried not to give anything away"

"Is that for real?"


"You're a natural"

"Are you from Hogwarts?"

Photos below...

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