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Role: Theatre Practitioner. "The Imposter" (2024-Present)

Come and watch my brand new show...

Summary: This is Sam, he sometimes feels like a fraud. He is a Theatre Practitioner and Magician, but when a Magician performs a magic trick, everyone knows there is some kind of deception involved. It looks like Sam can read minds or predict the future, but he can’t do any of those things for real.

Watch him “fake it till he makes it” as this contemporary performance uses spoken word, autobiographical performance, and mind magic to explore imposter syndrome.

Sam hopes that this copy perfectly summarises what the show is about. Who or what is the real imposter here? Someone or something is pulling the strings and fooling this Magician.

The Imposter is written and performed by Sam Lowe.

Photography by Hannah Lisa. Image edited by Sam Lowe.

Themes: imposter syndrome, perfectionism, mental health, men’s mental health, mind magic, mentalism, magic, spoken word, autobiographical performance, contemporary performance.

There are currently two opportunities to come and watch this show. Click on the weblinks below and buy your tickets now.

  1. Greater Manchester Fringe, The King's Arms Theatre, Saturday 13th July 2024, 3pm. Tickets = £8.

  2. Live@The Library Festival, Oldham Library, Thursday 12th September 2024, 7pm. Tickets = £6.

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