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Role: Theatre Practitioner. "Magician Reveals Secrets: The Deception Behind Fake News" (2022-2023)

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

First performed at The Arden School of Theatre, the solo contemporary performance was selected and programmed into The Arden School of Theatre's caTaPult Festival 2022. Mayes Theatre and Red Wire Women also performed shows at the event. Following on from this, the show was successfully programmed into the Live@thelibrary Festival at Oldham Library. The second performance took place on the 12th September, 2023 in the library's performance space.

Plot: Let me read your mind, you looked at the title and temporarily became intrigued about a Magician revealing secrets of magic? Through creative storytelling, thought provoking spoken word, and entertaining magic tricks, this contemporary performance aims to raise awareness. It is about getting the audience to question the accuracy of the stories, reports, and articles presented to them in everyday life. This show explores the parallels between magic and fake news; the Magician and Editor in Chief. Using deception to expose the truth about fake news in the media and audience bias. Why does fake news spread? What happens when we no longer trust what we read or hear? Theatre, magic, and the media have the power to direct or misdirect our attention. Magicians and Journalists take advantage of audience bias to fool us. Our own bias and values can cause us all to fall prey to fake news. What parts of the stories I tell you, will you believe?

Audience feedback from both shows:

"Excellent performance. Very impressed!"

"The lighting was very effective and I thought the dramatic ending was spot on."

"The poem at the beginning was brilliant."

"Well done to all the performers! Was really glad I could make it - enjoyed seeing you in the new space! Great to see such focused and passionate artists entering the industry." - Krissi Musiol.

"Great performances and very entertaining."

"I know you're never going to tell me how you did things."

"Very charismatic and slick."

"Your show really made me miss exploring magic. Thanks for that."

Credits: Hannah Lisa (Headshot Photographer). Thank you to the Theatre and Performance Tutors, the Theatre Technicians, Oldham Library, and The Manchester Circle of Magicians for the support and development of the show.

Production photos below...

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